``One of the most exciting mezzo-soprano of her generation, acclaimed artist Silvia Beltrami established herself as an outstanding performer of the Verdi roles ``


"...Azucena, played by a talented Silvia Beltrami, the true spearhead of the show (a confirmation of the true protagonist of the work and just Azucena). Beautiful color of voice, warm and penetrating, beautiful phrasing and interpretative line instructions, with a high acute register led the artist to collect the success of the public..."

sabino lenoci/l'opera

"...Among the soloists, the mezzosoprano Silvia Beltrami has distinguished herself, from the timbre rich in harmonics, from the sonorous and compact voice throughout the range, which has never been forced neither in the high nor in the low register, which has thus allowed her to perform his part with varied and emotional phrasing, in full harmony with the soprano in Recordare Jesu pie and Agnus Dei..."

Ugo Bedeschi / Operaclick

“...Surprisingly, Claudio gets more arias than any other character in Silla and the role’s interpreter, mezzo Silvia Beltrami, offered an all-around marvelous performance. Her “Con tromba guerriera” with trumpet obbligato was one of the evening’s high points..."


“...The marked musical and scenic personality of the mezzo-soprano Silvia Beltrami has outlined a tense and passionate female figure, certainly not inclined to painful and resigned tones in the face of Turiddu's betrayal. The listeners rightly appreciated the consistency and color of the singer's voice, homogeneous and safe in all its extension..."

Lodovico Buscatti/ / opera click

"...Dark and powerful Silvia Beltrami, a guest from Italy who melted well with local voices..."

Platea Magazine

“... Excellent Suzuki by Silvia Beltrami, the mezzosoprano tone is particularly pleasant and enveloping, the emission always measured and the phrasing compound. Scenically, Beltrami proves casual and emotionally involved, outlining a particularly credible character...”

Raffaella Petrosino / GBOpera

“...Here we want to underline the good test of Silvia Beltrami's Amneris, with a sufficiently wide and dark voice, as well as an incisive accent for what is the key character of Verdi's masterpiece...”

Fabio Larovere / Connessi all'Opera

“...Silvia Beltrami's Azucena shines, undoubtedly the best of the evening: a pasty voice for a real character, not closed and elusive, not very diabolical but deeply human...”

Giulia Bassi / Gazzetta di Reggio

“...Silvia Beltrami's Ulrica is a beautiful discovery: no uterine or Birignian inflection of ancient translation, but a cleaning of the line and an emission of solidarity both above and above, at the bottom of a very accurate and effective one-sentence service...”

Elvio Giudici / Classic Voice

“...More than positive was the performance of Silvia Beltrami, a Bolognese mezzo-soprano who confirmed her Verdi vocation. The reading of the part was admirable, with valuable vocal "paws" in the scene of judgment and invective...”

Simone Ricci / Opera Libera




NABUCCO – Fenena

From 13 to 21 March 2020 - Theatre Massimo of Palermo



FALSTAFF – Quickly




AIDA – Amneris

From 04 Jul to 03 AUG 2020 Terme di Caracalla - Rome Opera